Miss B’s Top Tips

Welcome to my Top Tips page. Here you will find my most useful tips to help you get the most out of your practical’s and cooking at home.

Miss Bywater

Miss Bywater

1. When piping icing sugar, place your piper into a pint glass and open it. This will stop your hands and work surfaces getting extremely messy when filling it.

Meringue piping preperation

Meringue piping preperation

2. Crack your eggs into a separate bowl first instead of just adding it straight into a mixture, this allows you to check the quality of your eggs first.

3. Always be careful when adding egg to warm mixtures. If your mixtures are too warm you will end up with scrambled egg!

4. When making meringues never add your icing sugar/sugar all at once to your egg whites. Add a little at a time and slowly mix with an electric whisk for the best results.

5. If you burn your pan don’t spend lots of time scrubbing it out. Fill it with hot water and some washing up liquid and leave it to soak for 20 minutes. This will make cleaning the pan much easier.

6. Don’t open the oven door when making cakes or cupcakes until the mixture is set. If you do so your cakes and cupcakes  will sink in the middle and not recover.

7. Weighing ingredients especially when baking is very important, small mistakes can have a massive effect on the outcome.

8. Don’t over add baking powder thinking it will make your cake rise more, the more you add the drier the cake.

9. Make sure you have the right tin to cook things in. The deeper the tin the longer the cooking time.

10. Prepare everything before cooking. You don’t want to start cooking and then need to chop up anything else as the ingredients already in the pan will start to burn.

11. Don’t keep opening the oven door. Every time you do will make your oven contents  take longer to cook as the oven has to re-reach the set temperature.

12. When making pastry it’s best to have cold hands.

13. Corn flour is great at thickening sauces. If you need to add extra to a mixture though don’t just add more, as it will not dissolve into the mixture and it will become lumpy. Simply mix the corn flour with cold water in a separate jug/bowl first, this allows the corn flour to dissolve into the water. You can then add this to the rest of the mixture.